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The Issues:

Recent years have seen a significant amount of legislative and regulatory activity affecting adult tobacco consumers and the businesses that sell tobacco products. These government actions can have a big impact on the retail and wholesale trade, and on your bottom line. As federal, state, and local policymakers consider changing or implementing new legislation or regulations, it is very important for you to stay informed on key issues and make sure your voice is heard!

Tax Increases

States continue to face budget deficits and more proposals to increase tobacco excise taxes are likely in the future. Additionally, the federal government continues to consider a tobacco excise tax increase each year. Learn more.

Retail Sales Bans and Restrictions

States and local governments across the country, big and small, continue to explore and enact unreasonable sales bans and overly burdensome restrictions on tobacco sales. Learn more.

Underage Tobacco Prevention

Tobacco products should only be available to adults and sold by licensed and regulated tobacco retailers. Learn more.


Help STOP a Statewide Ban on Tobacco Coupons in New York!

The New York State Legislature is considering a tobacco coupon ban that could hurt your business. Speak out today!  

This tobacco coupon ban is just another example of government overreach. By attempting to control the purchases of your adult customers, lawmakers jeopardize your bottom line.

Your voice matters. Speak up now to help stop a coupon ban before it’s too late.

Feel free to edit the letter on the next page and then press “Send” to deliver the message to your legislator today! 

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Help STOP a Cigarette Tax Increase in New Jersey!

At a time when New Jersey small business retailers are struggling to keep the lights on and doors open, New Jersey lawmakers are still considering a massive tax hike of $1.65 per pack of cigarettes! This proposal would only compound the financial hardship retailers are facing right now. Tell your legislator to oppose a tax increase on cigarettes!

Increasing a tax in the middle of an economic slowdown is a bad idea; it just hurts jobs and taxpayers.

Your voice can make a difference. Contact your lawmaker today.

Feel free to edit the letter on the next page and then press “Send” to deliver the message to your legislator today! 

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