underage tobacco prevention

The Issue:

Tobacco products should only be available to adults and sold by licensed and regulated tobacco retailers.

Underage Tobacco Prevention

Tobacco Issues supports fully restricting the sale of all tobacco products to kids, as well as strict enforcement of these restrictions by state and municipal authorities.

Efforts by political leaders, tobacco companies, and retailers have driven underage use of conventional tobacco products to historic lows.  But in light of recent increases in e-vapor product use among minors, Tobacco Issues believes the time has come to enact legislation to raise the minimum age of purchase for all tobacco products from 18 to 21. We believe that raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco products, including e-vapor, to 21 is the most effective action to reverse rising underage e-vapor usage rates, and we believe this action will help preserve the harm reduction opportunity that these types of products present to adult smokers.

The number one way kids today get access to tobacco products is by obtaining them from legal age purchasers. Approximately 80% of high school students in the U.S. turn 18 years old before graduation. By raising the minimum age to 21, high school students will not be able to purchase tobacco products legally, adding another hurdle to help reduce social access.

Retailer Licensing

Tobacco Issues believes that everyone engaged in the manufacturing, distribution or sale of tobacco products should have a government issued permit, license or registration. In addition, tobacco products should only be sold by licensed manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Licensing would improve the ability of government authorities to identify parties legally authorized to distribute tobacco products. It would also help protect legitimate trade members who face unfair competition by providing government authorities the ability to revoke licenses of trade members who do not comply with required laws or who trade in contraband tobacco products. Limiting the sale of tobacco products to licensed retailers helps to ensure that tobacco products are only available to adults.



The Boulder City Council is considering a massive new tax on cigarettes—up to as much as $3 per pack! This could have devastating effects on your business and your community.

We need you to speak up NOW to help us stop this excessive new tax, before the City Council acts. With just a few clicks, you can tell the Boulder City Council NO to a cigarette tax hike!

Feel free to edit the letter on the next page and then press “Send” to deliver the message to the Boulder City Council today!

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The Albany County Legislature is STILL considering a total ban on most flavored tobacco and vapor products—including menthol cigarettes and dip. The amended Local Law No. “E” would threaten local businesses across Albany County.  We need to speak up again and tell the County Legislature that these regulations are unfair and too broad. 

Take action today! With just a few clicks, you can tell the Albany County Legislature NO to a broad flavor ban!

Feel free to edit the letter on the next page and then press “Send” to deliver the message to the Albany County Legislature today! 

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