underage tobacco prevention

The Issue:

Tobacco products should only be available to adults and sold by licensed and regulated tobacco retailers.

Underage Tobacco Prevention

Tobacco Issues supports fully restricting the sale of all tobacco products to kids, as well as strict enforcement of these restrictions by state and municipal authorities.

Retailer Licensing

Tobacco Issues believes that everyone engaged in the manufacturing, distribution or sale of tobacco products should have a government issued permit, license or registration. In addition, tobacco products should only be sold by licensed manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Licensing would improve the ability of government authorities to identify parties legally authorized to distribute tobacco products. It would also help protect legitimate trade members who face unfair competition by providing government authorities the ability to revoke licenses of trade members who do not comply with required laws or who trade in contraband tobacco products. Limiting the sale of tobacco products to licensed retailers helps to ensure that tobacco products are only available to adults.


Stop A Tobacco Tax Hike that Will Hurt Your Business!

Some politicians in Denver are attempting to pass legislation that would put massive tobacco taxes up for a public vote in November. By trying to force this issue on voters, state legislators are ignoring the will of the people—who voted down a similar measure in 2016.

Tell Denver: A tobacco tax hike is unnecessary and unfair—and will only hurt small businesses and threaten local jobs!

It takes just 30 seconds to email your Colorado state legislators. Make your voice heard today.

Feel free to edit the letter below and then press “Send” to deliver the message to your state legislator today!

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Albany County: Help Stop Unfair Tobacco Regulations!

The Albany County Legislature is considering a ban on all flavored tobacco and flavored vapor products.

This proposal could hurt your bottom line. Help us tell the Albany County Legislature that such a broad, overreaching regulation is unfair and unacceptable. It takes just 30 seconds today to email the County Legislature!

Your voice matters. Tell the Albany County Legislature to OPPOSE this proposal!  

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