Tell the FDA: Potential Rule on Flavored Tobacco Will Hurt Tobacco Retailers and Wholesalers

step1 Tell the FDA: Potential Rule on Flavored Tobacco Will Hurt Tobacco Retailers and Wholesalers

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently accepting public comments on a potential rule that would severely restrict or even ban menthol cigarettes and flavored tobacco and e-vapor products. 

The FDA needs to hear how this rule would hurt tobacco retailers and wholesalers, as well as our entire economy.   

If you are concerned about this proposed rule, please provide your comments to the FDA. When you leave your comment, remember to tell the FDA:

  • Menthol cigarettes and flavored tobacco and e-vapor products make up a significant portion of my daily sales—and adult tobacco and e-vapor consumers often buy other products when purchasing tobacco. Moreover, tobacco and e-vapor retailers and wholesalers drive economic activity, provide jobs, and support local communities. Banning menthol cigarettes and flavored tobacco products could hurt my business and threaten the larger economy.  
  • Such a drastic regulatory change could create serious potential implementation problems for retailers and wholesalers, including how to phase in restrictions, what to do with restricted products currently in stock, and other issues of practicality.
  • Potential flavor restrictions infringe on adult tobacco consumers’ right to purchase the legal tobacco products they prefer. It’s just another example of the federal government trying to regulate and dictate adult consumer behavior and choices via. Rather than reduce choice, the government should be expanding it – focusing on giving adults access to a wider choice of less harmful tobacco products, including flavored products.
  • We all agree that kids should not use any tobacco product, and access to tobacco products, including flavored products, should be strictly limited to adults.  FDA should impose reasonable restrictions like prohibiting the use of children’s cartoon characters or trademarked candy brands in the marketing of flavored tobacco products.  Such restrictions would still recognize that many adults prefer flavored products.


A copy of your comment will also be sent with the accompanying top note to your federal legislators encouraging them to get involved.