Tell the FDA: The Possible Nicotine Rule Would Hurt Tobacco Growers!


The FDA is currently accepting public comments on a proposal that would essentially ban all cigarettes on the market today — by mandating that the levels of nicotine be nearly 98 percent lower than current levels – before the FDA has allowed a new market in less harmful products to be established.

Without giving smokers more alternative, less harmful tobacco product options and truthful and accurate information about the benefits of switching to them, this possible new standard could hurt tobacco growers, retailers and wholesalers, is unfair to adult tobacco consumers, and may not be achievable.

The FDA needs to hear from tobacco growers, as this possible rule could have a major impact on your business, the tobacco-growing industry, and our entire economy.

If you are concerned about this possible rule, please provide your comments to the FDA.  When you leave your comment, remember to tell the FDA:

  • There are currently no combustible tobacco products on the market today that meet the unreasonable restriction the FDA is considering, making this possible rule a de facto ban on all cigarettes currently on the market.
  • This possible new standard would be particularly burdensome, if not impossible, for tobacco growers and their employees.  It would hurt my business as well as the viability of other tobacco growers across the country, which will have a negative impact on our entire industry and the economy of the regions in which we operate.
  • Such a drastic regulatory change would hurt growers – planting, cultivating and harvesting would all be affected as the FDA’s proposal would render all tobacco plants grown today obsolete and unusable. Many tobacco growers are small, family businesses and would face real difficulties implementing and affording this change.  


A copy of your comment will also be sent to your federal legislators encouraging them to get involved.