tips and tools

Standing up, speaking out, and getting involved in issues that you care about can be very rewarding. The key is to understand the basics so you can be an effective champion for your cause. Use our Tips & Tools to take action and make your voice heard today!

Exercise Your Right to Vote
Voting is an important civic duty—and a great way to make your voice heard on the tobacco issues that impact you and your business. Learn more.

Contact Your Elected Officials
Elected officials listen to those they know and trust—especially constituents who demonstrate that they are interested and engaged. Learn more.

Contact Your Local Media
The local media is an important source of information for policymakers and for other residents in your community. Learn more.

Attend a Local Town Hall Meeting
Elected officials often hold town meetings or office hours when constituents can visit and ask questions or express concerns. Learn more.

Tell a Friend
You can help spread the word about tobacco issues to your interested friends and family members. Learn More.